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Scarborough Monastery

St Athanasius’ Monastery is the first Coptic monastery in Great Britain. The monastery consists of a main building in which the Church of St Athansius is situated, along with a library, book shop, the monk’s dormitories, a kitchen and a dining room. There are also another three cottages and a caravan for visitors as well as a slightly smaller chapel of St Anthony. With 23 acres of land surrounding the monastery, the monks are able to be self sufficient as they grow their own vegetation and keep a range of animals, they also produce fresh cheese and honey.

The monastery is based in a tranquil rural environment, suitable for monks who wish to lead lives of celibacy, contemplation and prayer.

The monks lead a strict life of fasting and prayer. They follow a daily routine consisting of morning praises which begin at 5am, followed by a Holy Mass and Vespers in the evening. The monks also prepare their own Holy bread for the daily Eucharist.

St Athanasius’ Monastery has been mentioned in the local news paper on a couple of occasions, please see the links below to the articles in The Scarborough News: